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The University of Oklahoma Electronic and Information Technology and Multimedia Accessibility Policy Standards Checkpoints


The University of Oklahoma assembled a set of web site and software accessibility standards as a part of its Electronic and Information Technology and Multimedia Accessibility Policy


To help content authors, content managers, web site designers and application developers apply the standards we have assembled a set of checkpoints.  These will help you to check your content or web pages for accessibility.


Getting Started


Quickly make your content more accessible


There are a few things that you can do to remove barriers to accessibility.  Below are some references that will get you going:



National and State Accessibility Standards


Accessibility is pretty well defined through sets of standards put out by the State of Oklahoma, The United States Access Board and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and its Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).  You can read the standards and some information that helps to interpret them in the following links:



Making the WCAG standards a little easier to sort through:



Accessibility Testing Tools


It may not be as difficult to do some basic accessibility testing on your web page as you think.  A few helpful tools will go a long way to getting you familiar with the techniques that can make your site accessible both technically and functionally. 


Here are some of the tools that we use commonly, with a brief description of each tool:


  • The WAVE toolbar for Firefox  is a plugin that provides instant feedback on a single web page.  Easy to use, and great for pages that you have to log in to.
  • The WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool can be more accurate, but will not work on a page that you have to log in to.  This is the web page version of the WAVE toolbar.
  • Juicy Studio Accessibility Toolbar is another Firefox plugin that helps you check tables and color contrast in particular.  The Colour Contrast Analyzer in this toolbar cannot check colors within images and figures.
  • The Paciello Group's Internet Explorer Toolbar is an add-on for Internet Explorer that combines many of the tools and features of other toolbars on this list. 
  • The Paciello Group's Contrast Analyser is a standalone tool that you can download and run from your computer. You can even use it to check contrast within images and figures.
  • The Firefox Web Developer Toolbar is a plugin for Firefox that provides a number of useful tools for web site designers and web application developers.  Disable style sheets and JavaScript, view alternative text for figures and images or validate a page's CSS and/or HTML.  You can do it all through the options in this plugin.
  • The Non-Visual Desktop Access (NVDA) screen reader is a screen reader that does not require a payment to use.  But they live on donations, so please consider donating to keep the project going!